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Timber Frame

Fire treated timber joist

At its simplest, this involves assembling the timber frame directly on the oversite, completely removing the need for a factory. This also means that tolerance problems can always be overcome as the frame is designed to suit each and every oversite. 

This on site manufacture greatly simplifies our engineering process to the point where we can typically be on site within four weeks from first sight of the drawing for the scheme

Our materials are generally pre-cut and treated at source, minimising handling charges and cutting fixed factory overheads. This way we have direct control of the whole of the manufacturing and assembly process enabling us to offer real value to you, our clients.

Our typical standard package would include:

  • Line loads and full structural calculations for building control.

  • External and internal, loadbearing and non loadbearing walls.

  • Intermediate floors, joists and structural decking

  • Roof structures (trusses or flat roofs, and forming falls as required)

  • Plasterboard pickups to ceilings and walls

  • Double studs to door openings

  • Fire stops

  • Cavity barriers

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