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Timber frame bespoke bungalow
Bespoke Structures

Often complex timber frame structures require the integration of steel beam/posts/frame which we are happy to include in our package. We can also accommodate large section timber beams.

Timber frame flats
Housing Schemes  

Whether its one-off bespoke housing or larger estate developments timber frame can offer significant benefits in terms of time and cost on-site. The environmental credentials for timber frame and its contribution to sustainable development are particularly well documented. These aspects are of importance to self-build financing and planning.

Timber frame houses
Multi-Storey Flats

Multi-storey timber frame developments are commonly in inner-city areas and often have complex fire requirements and access issues. Our timber site construction process can readily embrace and resolve these issues on structures up to and including six storeys. We can also price for steelwork to underpasses if required.

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