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Fire Mitigation

Fire treated timber joist

When a timber frame building is under construction, there is a requirement to consider any risk it may pose to adjacent properties, these are called boundary mitigation measures, this is a site-specific requirement for HSE purposes. As a rough guide it is usually required (although not exclusively) on structures of over 600m2. A detailed assessment is usually conducted by an independent fire consultant and supplied with tender. Where this is not available, we can offer a budgetary guide and assist in the appointment of a consultant, should this be of use. A detailed guide is available on the Structural Timber Association website (click picture). This is not usually a requirement for one off homes.


Where boundary mitigation measurements are a requirement, this is usually address through the timber frame material specification , so for example:

● Replacement of OSB-3 sheathing to external and load bearing walls with non combustible sheathing (ie. Magnesium Oxide board), or a sheathing of limited combustibility (ie. fire treat ply).

● Fire treatment of the timber joist (typically red as shown in picture).

● Fire treatment of the structural deck

● Fire treatment to stud work for internal unsheathed load bearing walls.

Please contact us for further details.

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